EVE University Standings List

EVE University follows an NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It) policy in Losec, Nullsec, and Wormhole space. For full details of our Rules of Engagement, please see our rules on UniWiki.

E-UNI defines a "Non-Aggression Pact" as the agreement to avoid hostilities if at all possible. This does not mean that joint operations are allowed, or that E-UNI supports any actions of the party which has the standing set. This allows us to retain neutrality by not getting involved in problems between third parties, and means we are able to retain Non-Aggression Pacts with multiple groups who may be hostile to each other.

E-UNI also has an "Open NAP Policy", whereby any group can request a Non-Aggression Pact with E-UNI, regardless of their history toward the alliance and any standings they may currently have set. The E-UNI Diplomatic team does of course reserve the right to deny changes or make adjustments on a probationary basis where necessary.

To arrange a Non-Aggression Pact and show your support for EVE University, please join the channel Diplomacy.E-UNI and speak to a member of the E-UNI Diplomatic team.

Friends of EVE University

Members of this group have shown repeated long term support of EVE University. This does not however mean that E-UNI supports any actions taken by these pilots.
Ad-Astra Adhocracy Everset Dropbears
ISD STAR Legion of Lost Souls Low Security Military Excursions
N.A.G.A Corporation Otherworld Empire The Graduates

Total: 9 Groups

Non-Aggression with EVE University

This group has aggreed to avoid hostilities when possible, seeking a diplomatic solution to any issues, via a Non-Aggression Pact.
0axs 113th Cav 1234567890LTD
127th Angry Angels 169 Industries 1-ALPHA-1
375th Expeditionary Unit 3 Fish Corporation 3-Prong Operational Resources
42. Expeditionsstreitkraefte 42nd Regiment The Black Watch 503rd Logistics Detail
5 Rings A 4 mana 7 7 A Bag of Kittens
Abandian Society of Co-Prosperity Abduci Abernathy Amalgamated
ACME Explosive Novelties Inc. Adamantine Creations Adekyn Industries
Adeptus.Custodes Advanced Geospatial And Space Support Aerospace Corporation
AEther-Walkers of the Void AEU Business Services After Dark Raiders
After Earth Agnostica LLC. Aiki.
Akbar Logistics Alaska Native Corp Albion Ferry
Alcheri Tax Avoidance Alexander Enterprises All Quadrant Resourcing
Alpha Rojo Industry Corporation Altcorp 76239 Alter Haven
Alternative Shipping Solutions Limited Al Thauler Corporation Altony Thellere Corporation
Alwar Archeology Amamus Hircorum Amarrazon
Amarrian Investment and Trade Company Amarr Mining Camp Amarr Trading Corporation
Amber Shadow Walkers Ambivalence Co-operative AM Lumber
Amoral Amarrians Anarchy of Eden Andes Development Company
Andromeda Tech Andromeda Tech - FW Angry Turtles
Animal House. Annual Conference of Small Potatoes Another Nameless Corp....
An Tellach Mor Anti Unification Apathetic Narwhals
Aporia Nova Arbeids og velferdsforvaltningen Arbiter Industries Inc.
Arenian Knights Argo Logistics Ariea's Corp
Armalea Armed Neutrality ARMS Industries
Arrowway Industries Ars Veritas Artic Bolt
Arvernien Ascension Engineering Aslon's Rest
Asparagus Shenanigans Inc. Assnecks Association of Free Capsuleers
Astral Mirage Astrogeological Excavations and Prospecting LLC Astrogeologists Incorporated
Astrological Excavations Astrological Research Mechanics Athanor Foundation
Atier Holdings Incorporated Aubergene Incorporated Au Palais
Aust Minerals Pty Ltd Australian Global Traders Co-op Authorized Personnel Only Industries
Avalhar Designs Avalon's Forge Average Trading
Averti Corporation Aya Deliveries Aziele Interstellar Transport
Azure Wrath Baba Ganoush Incorporated Bacchus and Associates
Backwater Mining Operations Incorporated Backyard Mining Co. Bad Puppies
Bad Vodoo Inc Bad Wolf Courier Service Bad Wolf LLC
Bag Of Holding Baile Atha Cliath Balls of Tungsten
Banach-Tarski Banker Investment Group Baron's Shipping and Planetary Management
BASILISK. Basilisk Legion Bast Galactica
Bayerische Industries Bellerophontes Transport and Trade Belly Acres
Benevolence Beta Fleet Beyond Ascension Beyond the Mirrors Edge
BFF Heart Club Bittersweet Corp Black Box Society
Black Dunes Black Frog Logistics Black Gryphon Enterprises
Black Guard Holdings Black Guard Services Black Hole Ops
Black Planet Ops Black Rams Black Rose Fleet Systems
Blackwater Mercenary Coalition Blackwater Separatists Blasphemous Fish
Blazing Amazing Inc. Blind and Sightless BlindingBeard
Blondes Inc Bloodfallen Enterprises Blue Dragon LLC
Bluedragons Destiny Bluefin Technologies Inc. Blue Flask Enterprises
BlueOcean Research Blue Tortoise Logistics BoB Corp
Boneyard Services Inc Bonsaaaaaaaiiiiiiiii B.O.O.C.H.
BoomCorp boom tech industrys Boostaround
Boundless Frontiers Paragon Transportation Bourbon Creek Breakout Group
Broken Circle Empire Brown Shirt Parcel Services Brubaker Mechanical
BRUCE INDUSTRIES Buck Stops Here INC Buji Logistics
Burroughs B6700 By the Seashore Holding Company Cabot Industries Limited
Cacophony Caffeine Excavation Inc. Cait-Land
Caldari Advanced Response Division Caldari Fleet and Operations Academy Caldon Limited
Call Me IshWhale Caltech Institute of Technology Campus Security
Can i Bring My Drake Carmichael Private Security Services Cass's Fan Club
Casual Endeavors Cat-tastic Trade Corporation CavTech Industries
Cayman Islands Financial Services CCB Rebels Celestial Liberty XYZ
Celestis Unincorporated Centauri Enterprices Center for Basic Studies
Central Celestial Services Cerelen Deep Space Enterprises Chaos Panic Disorder
Chaos University Chatham Cheetam and Runn. EVE Lawyers in Space. Chor Aurea
Chrischtoff Gang Chronowerx Ciambotti Club
Clan Keiko Clan of Artisans Clic Klak Boom
Clockwork Empire Cloggau Clone Invaders
Clone Vat Clover Industrial Megacorp Cog Banking
Comet Consultancy Common Goal Communitate Valemus
confederate Carthaginian Hegemony Conjugate Variable Continuous but not differentiable
Cool Runnings P LTD. Copy Paste Find Replace Coreli Negotiations
Corporacion Para la Prosperidad Corpy Copr CorpyCorpCorpCorp
Corrosive. Corsair Initiative Corsair School of Business
Cosmic Nightmare Inc Covert Crops Inc. Covert Ops Squad
Coyote Society Cracked But Whole Crescent Hawk's
Cromulon Incorporate Cronberry Cherry Pickers CRYOCORE
Cryoinnovations Cryptologix Inc. Crystal Fyre Corporation
C U B E Cup Caek Corporation Curaursi
Curved Light Galactics Cwn Annwn Pack Dadunur Enterprises
Dank Think Tank Dark Fox Engineering Dark Knights Consortium
Darklake Incorporated Dark Nostra DarkPath
Darkside Development Corporation Darth Cupcake Industries Dasyuridae Research and Industrial
Databoi Center Dat Won Gai Dea Al Mon
Dead Logistics Deadspace Excavation Death By Association
Death by Process a Mining and Exploration Company Death's Scythe Deep Dark Partners
Deep Orbit Colonization Deep Space Trade and Hauling Deep Structure Engineering
Defenders of E.V.E. Defiant Liberation Corporation De-isa-ster
Deli Sandwiches LLC DelSigma Delta Aquisitions Group
Delta Security Force Demilitarised GOU Holding Company DemSal Unlimited
Dendrite Consortium Destroy Everything You Touch Devil's Prophets
Devotees of Running and Gunning DeWolf Industries Diderot Enterprises
Die Alten Damen Digital D20 Digital Vendetta
Disciples of Dreadtusk Dodixie Universal Mapping and Procurement Pty Donohue Enterprises
Dontplay Limited Downing and Downing Draco Corporations
Draconian Initiative DRA - Dunaseis Research Associates Dragonbone Fission Inc
Dragon Factory Draig Goch Gorfforaeth Drakiri Conclave
Drama Incorporated Drarig Mining and Exploration Corporation Dream of the Endless
Drunk Sincerity Dunsel Corporation Dynamic Anvils
Dystinctive Enterprises EAM Capital Studios East Coast Boulder Bouncers
Eastern Sun East-West Holding Company Eat Beans
Eccentrica Gallumbits Private Services Inc Edenic Stellar Cartographic Enterprises Edge Walker Corporation
Eeyore Hauling ELAN Industries Electrostatik
Electus Matari Elongur Family Holdings Elrasin Holding
Elysium Engineering Empire Of Orphans Empire Research Division
EMURICA Enchanted Rhythms Encrypted Industries
Ender's Dragon Army Endurica Industries Engren and Engren Incorporated
Entartete Kunst Inc. EntroPraetorian Aegis ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
Epsilon Research Erratic Enterprises Etnica Holdings Ltd.
Et Unam Sua Eulynn Associates EVASIVE STRATEGY
EVE Chess Club Eve Engineering and Research Eve Gamer's Structure Tanking Association
EvE-Scout Enclave EvE-Scout Evil Co.
Evil Sweets - Industry Branch Evil Young Flesh Evocation
eXact traXtion Executive Authority Ex Inanimento Prodeo
Existential Funkadelics Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle Exo-Galactic Expeditions
Exotic Matter Operations Exotic Shells Express Distribution
Extraordinary Least Squares Ezor's Ores F1 Pilots Incorporated
Facial Bones Corporation Fake News Media Inc. Falconstone Industries LLC
Farscape Initiative Fat Bottomed Girls Fatt Hogs Corp
FB Research FederalMiningCenter Federal Tax Free Zone
Federated of Union Corporations Federation of Respect Honor Passion Alliance. Federation Pioneers
Felras Corporation Ferric Arbor FI Co
Filthy Underhand Covert Team Firefighter Financial Services Firefly Transportation Service
Firkin Brewing Solutions Fiumank Offshore Shenanigans Flame Out
Flash in the Pan Fleetwood HAC Financial Services Flight 93
Flight of the Bumblebees Fluffy Industries Focused Singularity
Foe Ventures Foo Bar Mega Corp Forgotten Lunacy
Fortis Inspiritus Nebulae Fortis Provisioning Fountainhead Enterprises
Four of 13 F.P.U. Fr33d0m
Fractal Method Freesky Industries Friends of Seerah
Front Corporation for Quasi-Legal Activities Frozen Animal Procurement And Processing Fully Automated Luxury Space Communism
Fun Solo Alliance Fury City Fuxk You Konami
Fuzz Holdings Galactic Business Co. Galactic Conundrum Alliance
Galactic Trade Guild Gallentean Broadcast Channel Gallente Industrial Controls
Gallente Tax Services Galli Skewered Fish Inc. Garemoko Corporation
Gate Jumpers Gate of Deeper Slumber Gearhead Transportation
Gems Inc General Recidivists INC Gento Tech
Gilder HQ GinaBarta Corp Glauxian Brothers
Globulous Goat Industries Go Big or Go Home
GoFast TransCorp Going Rogue with PRADA Golden Goat Shaped Terd Traders Corp Inc
Grandoli Association Grand Theft Corvette Grand Unified Theory Inc
Gravity Constant Grayson Shipping Great White North Productions
Grimfoe Grind for peace of mind Grindstone Inc
Groin Kick Corporation GRU Heavy Industries Grumpy Old Men Trade Association
Grymm Determination GTG Industries Guardians Descendants
Half Man Half Locomotive All Monster Halleburton Hamilton Darcy Holdings Amarr Ltd.
Hamilton Darcy Holdings Ltd. Hangar Tramps Hard Corp Strippers
Harry's-Corp Haulin' Ass and Assets Haulin' Wolf
Haulover Lading Haus of Fun Hawks Inc
HC - Cookie Delivery Service HCIC Hearthstone Corp.
Heliosphere Consortium Hercules Industries Corporation HG Corporation
high energy wormhole physics Hikikomoria Hither and Yon
HMS Logistics Hobo Holdings HOLK Security.
Holy Amarr Ministry in Jita Holy Wheel HONE Industries
Hoo Har Hound Dog Blues Hudson Dusters
Hug Lyfe Hugotronic Corporation Hyped Hiker's Hideaway
Ice Dalak Conglomerate Idol Apotheosis I.H.C.
Immortal Asylum Immortal Enterprises IMPERIAL EAGLE
Imperial Exploration and Mining Imperial Guardians Inako Industries
Incandescent Apparatus Indelible Inc. Independant Praetorian Corp
Industrial Conglomerate of EVE Industrial Management and Engineering Industrial Waste Management
Industry Circle Infinitum Liberum Infinityplus1
Infinity Web Inflection Point In Godsk We Trust
Insomniac Dreams Insomniis Intaki Prosperity Initiative
Intense Intents In Tents Intergalactic Corporate Registration Authority Intergalactic Federation of Commerce
Internal Revenue and Income Service Interstellar Opperational Logistical Acquisitions Interstellar Trade and Industry Holding
Interstellar Trade Federation Interstellar Trade Union Interstellar Travel Agency
In to the Black Intragalactic Explorations Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics
ion defence industries Irdomi Pensive Iron Lung Inc.
Iron Sky Syndicate Diagnostic Ministry Is it Cake I- T I E -I
It's a Thukker's Life I won't pay taxes Ixx Trading Corporation
Jaeger Enterprises Inc. Jaemon Engineering Trade and Technology Jam and Stuff
Janther Corp JBCD Jesse Aurilen Space Exploration
Jester's Realm JF Chang Delivery JG Tactical Ops Unlimited
Jiingles all the Way Jimmy's Corp Joint Venture Conglomerate
Jolly Jokers Jonferson Space Dynamics jouhaan Galactic
JP Morgan Chase JR Enterprise Just A Mortal
Justice and Dixon Investigations Kagdus Enterprises Inc. Kalfren S and D
Kallisti Corp Kaltag and Co. Kameyama Shachuu
Kanen Federation Karabas Barabas Inc Kash Industrial
Kassigainen Liberation Front Kautsuo Trading and Transport Kayne Enterprises
KCV Incorporated Ken'in Kerry's Awesome Corp V2.0
Keystone Enterprises Khimday Industries Kholin Armada
Kill Report Available Kirin Beverages Corporation Kitsune Business Solutions
Klauvi Corp KM United Knillington Industries
Knillington Research and Development Knuth and Erdos Corp. Komimo Trading
Kommunity of Neutral Traders of Lancelot Tribe Kooperativ Foerening Kothe Miners
Kouvo Enterprises Krampus Claw Industrial KtaViir Holdings
Kubeba Oramara Corporation Kuroneko Delivery Kuwabari Contracting
La Dolce Vita Laissez-faire small biz Landlocked
Land of Confusion LAN Echo Lapua Deliveries
last rose of summer LA Tax Planning Corporation Laugh Hauling
Laughing Clown Malt Liquor Lawyers Guns and Money Lazy Twats Inc
Lead Farmers Academy Leaky Ships LeBlanc Industries
Legio.Ignis Legion Astariot Len Strife Corporation
Les Gardiens Les K Lethal Industries
LG Industries Liberandum Missio liberation b4 repatriation
Librarian Cadre Lil C Enterprises Limelight Enterprises
Lionheart Investments Lionsgate Ionic Dispersion Lithium Financial and Exploration
Little Black Dog Little Fuzzy Creatures of Mayhem and Destruction Llama Logistics
LnL Brotherhood Logistiks Lone Bears
Lonely Island United Lonely Lobster Corp Lonely Soldiers
Loners United Lone Star Partners Lordar Industrial Incorporated
Lord Baker's Imperial Fleet Lost Innocence Project Lotek of New Eden
LSC Offshore Bank Account Lucky Money Funtime Corp Ludwig Wittgenstein Appreciation Society
Lumina Enterprises Luminea Incorporated Luminous Dawn
Lunatic Legion Holdings M.A.D. Magnanimous Misanthropy
Makiriemi Holdings Makkoto Planetary Malcor Corporation
Malevolent Misfits Malum Industria Manatee Delivery Service
ManBearPig Awareness Foundation Manticore Inc Market Metadynamics
Martian Republic of EVE Mass-Dynamics Mayonhen United
McKnobbo Universal Traders McVain's Minning and Exploration Inc Meaty Shining Butterflies
Megaton m3 Heavy Industries Mense Lapis Mental Disorders Inc.
ME Occasional Playing Mercantile Investments Mercatura de Novo
Mercury Enterprises Merle Niminen Shipping Messier 13 Corporation
Metal Reign Enigma MetaMind LLC Methaem
Metropolis Forge Mia Ore Removal Enterprise Midnight Haulers
Midway Empire Mid West Coalition Milatrade Endeavours
Miners Coalition Force Mining and Missions Industries Minmatar Deep Space Expeditionary Corp
Minmatar Marines Minnesota Nice Mirumoto Heavy Industries
Mission Mining Corp Mitchell Industries MJ Industries
MnMs Mochibun Kaisha Modulus Industrial Group
MO Int. MoonCom Mining and Manufacturing Moonlight Horizon
Moonshine Industries and Technologies Inc. Morrigan Frigga's Hauling CO Mors Mortis Legio
Morsus Mihi Mouseketeers Movable Industy
MrZ Corp MT Haulage and Logistic Solutions Inc Mugen Voidscaping LLC
Mujeres Libres Multiverse Corporation Murder Inc
Murientor Tribe Mustang Research Industries My ALT's Corp
MyCorp Industries N3XUS. .Industries. Nagareboshi For Advanced Technology
Naked and Naughty Namtz' aar K'in Nanoware Inc.
Narnia Pharmaceuticals Nassan Industries NCN Enterprises
NDSU Nebula Rasa Negligible Developers
NEMAS Corporation Nemesis Enterprises. Neo Brigade
Neophron Discovery Co. Neptune Mining Industries NeuOmega Fellowship
Never Play With Fire Newbie Doctrine Newbro Lives Matter
New Eden Adventure Tours New Eden Dive Centre - The happy Guppy New Eden Evangelical Ministries
New Eden Savings and Investments New Edens United Nation New Frontiers LLC
New Gallenter Trade Corporation New Horizon Enterprises New Horizon Excavations
NFI Joint Operations LLC Nhaz Consortium Nimble Trucker's Truck Stop
Nintendo Entertainment System Nisha Incorporated Noble Animals
Nobody Out There Nocturnal enterprise inc Nola Holdings
No Obligations Nor'Easter Independant Space Hauling No Right Turn On Red
North East Trading North German Metalheads North Matar Trading Company
No Sleep Til Brooklyn No Taxes Bro Not Blue Hug It
Nothing on Dscan Not the corp you're looking for Nova Enterprises
Nullsec Campus NULL SEC MINNING CORPIRATION Numbskull Emptybrook
Nutz N Boltz NysCorp OA Mining Inc.
Occupational Hazard OCP Industries. Odd Trader - Mining Corp
Odenthag Unlimited Offplanet Enterprises Offworld Resource Expeditions
Okanata Services Old Noob Enterprises Olentte Rockbusting Enterprise
Ollie Haulie and Mine Omega Vector Omni Consumer Products Corporation
Omninfinite LLC ONE West Corporation On Point Kings
Ontogen Open Designs Operation Impending Doom
Opuli Orange Ring ORCA Tactical Assault Force
Orchid Neweden Enterprises Order of Allied Knights Order of Light and Shadow
Order of Silent Prismatic Emissaries Order of the Domain Ormand Inc
Otakus Society Oubliette Inc. O.U.T.L.A.W.E.D.
Out Of The Way Peck Overconfident Crew Overdrive Industries
Oxide Interstellar Associates OzNuk Federation Pabreau Industries
Paksenarion Dorthansdotter Pakt der Woelfe P.A.N.D.A.
Pangea Inc. Paragon Development Paranoid Inc
Partition Co-efficient Pawn Brokers Pax Industria
PAX Interstellar Services Peking Refuges Pemberton Corp.
Peregrine Corps. Peregrine Nation Peridexic Effect
Perpetual Dawn PewPew Center of Excellence Pheonix Reborn
Phoenix Enterprises Unlimited Phoenix Logistical Services Phoenix Rising Incorporated
Phoenix Rising Industries LLC Phoenix Silvermoon Phoibe Enterprises
PI Haulers Pill Provisionary Inc. Pine industries
Pink Spaceships Manufacturers Pinnacle LTD. SE. Pirati Sa Lida
PISHI Industrial Planetary Economic Development Corporation Planetary Heroes
Planet Six Industries Planet Troopers Pleasant Peninsula Productions
Plex Rats Poco Holding Corporation Politburo
Polymers Inc. Porcine Industrial Group GmbH Posthuman Adhocracy
Power Reason Influence Power Trip. Practical Dynamics
Prellus Industries Premier Industries Inc. Pretentious Latin Name
Preview Pride - Honor - Duty Primacy-Recency Enterprises
Primatech Industries Ltd. PrimeKorpX Primigenia Technologies
Primus Squadron P-R Industries Pro Dive Shop
Profoundly Inquisitive Exploration Project Exotech Prometheus Project
Prospect Omega Prospering Haulers PseudoSociety
Psychological Warfare Public Security Sec 9 Public Venture Enterprises
Punks and Pew Pew Company Push Industries Pyxis Lynx
Q Cats Corp a Ration Qeng-Ho Quaintrelles and Dandies LLC
QUANT Corp. Quatidion Quicksilver Industries
Quo Vadis Trading Qvanti Canicvla Ille In Fenestra Qwinn Manufacturing And Research
R a G i N - Industries Raldak Inc. RaLen Electronics
RANDOM Industries. Random Rainbow UniCorns Raneilles Mining Initiative
Ravenguarde Raven Mining and Cargo Inc. Rayet's Wolves
Reaper Federation Rebel Hideout Reciprocal Aegis
Red Black Associates Red Eye Ync. Red Five Rising
Red-Frog Redonqulus Corporation Redux Squad
Refuge of the Damned Regent Laboratories Reiland Risk Solutions
Rejnn and Co. Hazardous Extractions Reliance Network Relytor and Sons
Remedy Squadron RES Family Enterprises Ltd Retarded Inspiration
Rethrick Construction Retirement Corp R Express
Reynire Industrial Expeditions Riley's Hole Shipping and Mining Rising Sun Inc.
Roberts Brother Inc Rockcliffe University Rockline Tool And Die
RockNRolla Inc Rollard Enterprises Roman Mining Laser
Ronin ONE Rookin Association rosa-team
Rosinente Inc. Rotineque Executive Administration and Logistics Roundtable Rival
Rowdy House Royal Dutch Navy Royal Flying Doctor Service
Royal Society for Space Advancement Royal Space Force RRom Industries
Rubber Chicken Bombers Ruby Geese Ruhrpott GmbH
Rumble-Fish Runes sa Eve Rurple Pain
Rustlers Bandits and Square Dance Callers Rylan Star League S0MBRA CORPORATION
S4NCTU4RY Sabaoth CS Sailors Of The Seven Seas
Saladas Salishan Limited Sanctum of the Lost
Sarah's Cake Shop Sara Inc Sarbox
Sarum Knits and Notions Sarum Strategic Consulting Firm SAS International
Saudi Aramco Score's Man GOTTA TATTOO Scorpio Mortis
Scorpius Antares M Sealbreaker Labs Second Empire.
Secret Plot to Rule the Universe Semper Fidelis Coalition Senate and People of Rome
Sentient Technology Sentrus Corp. Seraph Society
Sereda's Corporation Sereia Logistics Serenity A.E.
Serenity Parcel Service Serious Face Industrial S.E.T Corp
Seventh Millenium Shaded Operations and Shipping Inc. Shady Orchards
Shards of Apathy Shenn's Corp Shield Bhaalghorn associates
Shinano Hauling Shinda Sekai Sensen Shin-ra Elect. Power Company
Shlecton Inc Shooting Rocks in the Face Inc. Silent Point Divison
Silk Road Shipping Silver-6 Silver Aria
Silvermoon Logistics Simul8 Enterprises Sinful Kitties
Singular Holding on Reality Through Hazards Sinq Laison Heavy Consolidated Products Sinq Laison Philharmonic Orchestra
Sirius Bowling League Sisters of Vengeance Six Project
Sixth World Industries Skadi Imperium Skill-Injectors Anonymous
Sky-Riders Sky's Logistics Sleazy Punks
Slow-Motion Small Control Tower Snake Eyes Inc
Snatch Hunters Snowdream Security Snow Leopard Situs
S'n'Q Logistics Sobani Industrial and Research Corporation Socialist Union
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Drones Society of Business Technologies Solace Inc.
Sola Lumen Solanine Inc Sol Excavation LLC
Solitude lockup Solitude Wanderers of Argos Solo Plex
Sonderwirtschaftszone Sons of Anarchy of New Eden Sophistry Inc.
Soul Enterprises Spaceballs the Faction Warfare Spaceballs the Tax Evasion Plan
Space Cowboy Industries Space Exploration Pioneers Space Freaks MS
Space.Ghosts Space Marine Academy Space Steak
Sparkles and Shiny Things Spartan Initiatives Inc. Special Projects Executive
SPECTRE - QUANTUM Spider Syndicate Spliced Infinities
Spoiled Victors Springdale Inc Spunkmeyer and Co.
Stacmon Production and Trade Institue Stacmon Resource Management Limited Stand back people there is nothing to see here
Starchasers Incorporated StarCon Inc Stardust Tech Drilling Inc
Star Eagle Industrial Services Starfleet - United Federation of Planets Starforce 101
StarHairs PLC Starlight Corp Star Onions Brigade
StarShip KruiseLines Starstryker Industries Steel Sun Inc.
Stellar Phoenix Issuant Stellar Progression Stellar Winds Consortium
STEPSTONE Sticky Backed Plastic Stolen Memories
Stork Corporation Straight Edge Tax Evaders Strategic Combat Solutions GmbH
Strategic Nuclear Moose. Strategic Sustainable Research and Development Strongbad Phoenix Rising
Suddenly Capsule Sunny and 70 Sunset Squad
Supernova corp Supervisor 194 Suzaku Enterprises
Sweatshop Union Sweet for Holding Realizations Sweet Money LLC
Sweet Water Trading Corp. Swift Family Trading Swift sisters Corporation
Swiss Accounts Swords Of The Sun Sybian Quality Robotics
Syndicate for Unification Synthetic Gorilla Systems Overwatch
Tabor Research and Industrial Programs Tachyon Exports and Acquisitions. Tac's Corp
Taggart Transdimensional Tal-Cel Industry and Salvage LLC Talon Company 501st
Talon Globocom Tamanium Tamarindus Indica Tree
Tanked Spacecowboys Taranis Technologies Tartarus Covert Operations
Tauron Industries Tax Evading isn't Illegal Tax Free Contracting Inc.
Tazinas Industry Ltd. Team Epitaph Teamster 118 Holdings
Tech 3 Assembly and Manufacturing Teglyph Tel'Mar Industries
Temple of the Silver Order Tera Incognita Terran Commonwealth
Terrentius Tesseract Capital and Holdings TET Holdings and Acquisitions
The Aartin Group The Amarr Beauties The Annex
The Association The Aussie Connection Corp The Background Noise
The Back Yard The Bastards of Men The Big Push
The Bohemians THE BOOMs The Boondocks of space
The Budgie Smugglers Brigade The Celtic Knot The Charvelle Group
The Claymore Divison Corporation The Code Center The CodeX Alliance
The Crescent Flame The DarkStar Loophole The Dead Parrot Shoppe Inc.
The Devastating Throng The Drake Is A Lie The Ebon Hawk
The Elear The Elerium Trust The Empire Nation
The Eternal Paradox Inc The Few - The Proud The Flo
The Four Seasons The Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire The Friends of EVE
The Golden Bulls The Good Stuff The Green Gryphon
THE GWG The Harukai The Hidden Darkness
The Hinken Corporation The Hippies The Holy Duck
The Huskarl's The In-Humane Society The Insiders
The Intergalactic Panic Syndicate The Ion Fist The Iron Bank and Trust
The Iron Lion Group The Iron Walruses The Kestrel Minortiy
The Knights at Devils Door The Kru The Legend of Crow
The Madhatter Society The Mighty Ripe banannas The Milky Way Cows
The Monads The Motley Crew The Mystery Machine
The Myth Phantom The Night Witch The Nudist Colony
The Old Republic Theoretical pi There Ain't No Justice
The Royal Navy.. The Ruchyrian Guard The Samsara Collective
The Seventh Vial The Shire The Special Delights Alliance
Thessian Embassy The Star Fraction The Status Quo
The Synaptic Cleft Theta1 The Talon
The Traders Club The Transphenomenon The Tunnel Rats
The Unclaimed Hills The Unpodable Supermen The Vagabonds
The Vogons The Weak And The Scrawny The World Eaters.
The Yamato Group They See Me Haulyn Thinkerbolt Family Holdings
This is an Original Corp Name Those People Thukk U
Thy Forsakened Tick Toct Tide Industries
Tinkerers Dream Tinydot Reprocessing Investment Trust Tiptoe Repo
Titus Tallang Transporting TJ Enterprises TOG - The Older Gamers Alliance
Tokugawa LLC To Love and Die in Dixie Top Flight II
Towers Inc. Transcending Imperium TransJupiter Shipping Organisation
Trans-Stellar Integrated Manufacturing Trials and tribbelations Tribal Invicta
Tri-Cycle Planetary Mining Trident Holdings LTD Trish Heavy Industries
Tri-Star True Love's Desire Truly Alternative
Tsai Heavy Industry Solutions LLC Tsero and Sons Security Holdings Inc Tuatha De Canid
Tuga Mining Corporation Tungsten Thongs Industry Tuscarawas
Twelve Trashcan Farters Walk Into a Bar Twilight Military Industrial Complex Alliance Two Brothers Mining Corp.
Tython Nox Inc UBS Holdings UK-Forces
Ulfhidinn Ulrich Cadalene Corp Unaligned.
Undead Fish Mining And Salvage Underground Development LTD Unicornia
Unicorn Infront of Shield with Swords Corporation Uniculus Antrum Unified Combatants Reborn
Union Enterprises Union of Caldari Socialist Republics uni squadron
Unitary Enterprises Unitas Virtute United Alliance
Universal Ninja Oysters Unknown and Beyond Unknown-Heroes
Unknown Space Explorers Unknown Warrens Unnecessary Hotness
Unobtainium Industries Unqualifed Defenders Unspoken Autonomy.
Uphallant Farmers Union Uphallant Trading Company Utopian Freedom
Vaille Logistics Valhalla Interstellar Valheru Warriors
Valium's Personal Bank Valkyrie Ascending Sundries Valkyrie Coalition
Vanguard Enterprises Vanguard Technologies Vanir Inc.
Vanks Vanu Corp VaRiouZ
Vassa Military Industries Vectatio Divinus Vector Harmonics Sodality
Vectorial Enterprises Vedfolnir Vengeance 8 Interceptors
Venture Trading Company Verispex Conglomerated Verteron Industries
Vert Sable Enterprises Vigilant Cobra Vindicator Corporation
Vintage Computer Group Violent Gentlemen Virtual Warriors
VishiKorp Visteen Industrial Group Vita quod Nex
viva las vegas Vivorant Enterprises Voidspace Astronautics
Void Survey Division Vole Industries Inc. Volpe Unllimted Holdings Inc.
Voluntaryist Society Vorpal Inc Vortex Syndicate Inc.
VSix Vulcanus Trifecta Vylade Empire
Wabbit Fabbit Industries WallaceCorp Wal-Mart Stores inc.
Wander Fleet Wandering Ministries of Bob Wandering Travelers
War Boys Interstellar Wards of Eve Warlords of Toruk
Warpdrive Active Warrior Kittens Wartime Anxiety Industries
We Have Lost the Game wereawesom3 Wesley Snipes Tax Service
West Coast Posse Where Team Logistics Whispers of Harbor
White Dragons White Mice Research White Star Line Shipping and Trading Company
White Van Man Who's Laughing Now Willoughby and Son
Wingless Dragons Wingnuts Inc. Winslow Syndicate
Winston's Varicose Ulcer Winter Solstice 2025 Wizardustries
Wolfe Enterprise Woozy Wombat Daycare WormHole Space Expeditionary Force
Wrath of Fate Industries Wretched Alpha Creatures Wrong Alliance
Xanfact Xenocidal Tendancies Xenos Technologies
XERCORE Xonectic Inc. XPloit Gamers
X-Tractor Mining Group Xtreme Role Players Xuronautics
Yamato Holdings Yeez Industrial Applications Yggdrasil Enterprises
Young People's Death Camp Zacheatic Support Solutions Inc. Zaibach Technology
ZAR Advanced Resources ZCMI Ze Exploration Group Guild
Zelisium Proficiency Holding Zer0 Edge Zeroed In
Zero Sums and Sons Zero x Zero Zeryphim
Zeta Production ZHK Inc. Ziahyra Rogue Trader
Zilkia Intersystem Industries z Mining Corp Zuckerman and Sons

Total: 1350 Groups

Hostile to EVE University

Members of this group have attacked E-UNI members on multiple occasions. This may be due to actions such as piracy or other hostile acts.
404 - Alliance Not Found 404 Alliance Not Found Blackflag Armada
Brave Collective CODE. Cursed Intentions Alliance
Cynosural Field Theory. Dark-Rising Dark Taboo
Divinity Sixth End of Life Eve retirement club 4real
Exodus. F.A.M.I.L.Y Friends and Feminists
Gorilla Style Hek Squad Hole Control
Honorable Third Party HYDRA RELOADED I Know Right
Imperium Eden Indecisive Certainty Kin.Dza.Dza
Know-Nothings Pandemic Legion Peacemakers. Coalition
Penguins Special Ops Pirates 0f New Eden Project Harvest
pwn-O-graphy R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N R I O T
Rote Kapelle RvB - BLUE Republic RvB - RED Federation
Safari Service inc SniggWaffe Snuffed Out
SONS of BANE Sorry About Your Face Spiritus Draconis
Stimulus The Bastard Cartel The Hornets Cartel
The Tuskers Co. Toxic Uprising TURN LEFT
Vendetta Mercenary Group WAFFLES. Wrecking Machine.
Xoth Inc

Total: 52 Groups

Enemy of EVE University

Groups with this status have committed overtly hostile acts on a Corp or Alliance level, such as repeated unprovoked attacks on EVE University pilots, or declaring war.
Cleaner inc P I R A T

Total: 2 Groups

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